Kohala Hospital ER Renovation Project Set to Begin

Group_Wall_Break_PicAfter years of discussion, planning, and fund-raising, Kohala Hospital is set to begin demolition on its Emergency Room. The ER renovation/relocation project kicked off on July 1, 2013. A commemorative “wall-breaking” ceremony on June 20th included a blessing, a presentation on building plans and work phases, and light refreshments. The community was invited to join the festive occasion and to view the long awaited results of their investment, time, and patience.

Kohala Hospital would like to thank the Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation and all its board members, advisors, and volunteers for their continued support. Their annual fundraising efforts have grown to be impressive and fun events that we appreciate. The Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation has collaborated with the North Kohala Community Resource Center to obtain additional funding for equipment and to look for additional funding for the ER project above. Lastly, we’d like to thank our legislative team for their efforts on our behalf at the State legislature to obtain limited funding available from the State.

Kohala Hospital has been receiving Capital Improvement Project (CIP) monies from the State ($2.2 M last year), which enable us to continue renovating the hospital. Our building is over 50 years old and there are other projects that require our attention such as re-paving the hospital parking lot and updating and renovating our water heater system. Capital Improvement Project funding is restricted to maintenance and facility improvement projects, and cannot be used for day to day hospital operations. We greatly appreciate the availability of these funds however we still need to fund raise for equipment and improvements that cannot be funded by CIP or other governmental awards.

Please note: The Kohala Hospital emergency room will continue to be open 24/7 in its current location throughout the ER renovation/relocation project.